Eine der grossen Vorläufer-Theater-Bewegungen

Build the Living

“And it’s still going.”

  • Judith Malina


We stand on the giant shoulders of hundreds of company members and millions of audience members around the world.
The Living Theatre is molded by Abstract Expressionism x Jazz x Beat Culture x Rock n Roll x Punk x HipHop x General Strikes for Peace.  From the front lines of creativity and free speech all the way beyond the borders, vanguards and limits of the 21st century.
Build with us, a better funding model for the theatre community… a community that’s nurtured and inspired artists from Al Pacino to Yoko Ono.  (And Thanos!?)

Let us Build the next century of avant garde culture together.  Let us value live performance, the ritual of gathering together through theatre and art…at least as much as we value Netflix.
Build the new society out of the shell of the old ( ! )

$10/Mo makes you a builder
(receive unheard conversations with Judith Malina)

$50/Mo makes you an engineer
(receive JM convos & invitations to special events)

Build The Living